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Products and Services: What we Offer

Larmers Road Quarry - Blue Metal

  • Run of Quarry (ROQ)

  • AP100mm

  • AP65mm

  • AP40mm

  • AP40M4mm

  • AP30mm

  • AP20mm

  • Drainage Metal 65/40

  • Builders Mix (with sand)

  • Concrete Metal (without sand)

  • Crushed Fill (for under concrete)

  • PAP7 (Dust)

  • Rock Spalls

  • Gabion rock (for gabion baskets)

  • Sand

  • PAP7 washed

  • Filling (clay dirt)

  • Brown rock (when available)

  • Sealing Chip – Grade 2 – 5

  • Plant Cleanings (fill)

  • RipRap

  • Specialist PAP and AP40M4 products made to order.


Please note: We can organise delivery of products at your request!

Satellite Quarries, including: Hobbs, Templetons, Te Hapua, Tangoake, Bradleys, Hollands

  • AP100mm

  • AP65mm

  • AP30mm

  • ROQ

  • Rock Spalls

  • Rip Rap

Products and Services: Lime Products


Bellingham Quarries Ltd has been involved with the Northland Lime Millers Association over many years, supporting the research of lime trials on Northland Soils. Booklets produced by the Northland Lime Millers Association include Lime – The Essential Element in New Zealand Agriculture and "Financial benefits from using Lime in Northland (Beef or Dairy)" which are also available in hard copy.


Agricultural Lime: is produced at three sites in the Far North:
Fairburn (Kaitaia)
Otangaroa (Mangamuka/Kaeo)
Paranui (Taipa/Mangonui)
The limerock is stripped, drilled, blasted, Primary crushed to a manageable size and pulverised to a size less than 2mm with a fineness range between 60-80% smaller than 0.5mm.

Limestone Raceway fines: has been developed for farm raceways to help reduce animal foot rot problems and is mixed as required.


Aerial Lime: Has a different specification in fineness to enable free flowing of the lime through the aeroplane hopper, this is critical for pilot safety. Any lime to be supplied for aerial application must be reported to our Office prior to any orders being uplifted from the works.


Lime/Fertiliser Mixes: Can be organised as required. Contact our Office to discuss the options.


Delivery: We can organise bulk delivery of all quarry products.

Limestone Quarries: Fairburn, Otangaroa, Paranui
  • ROQ

  • AP100mm

  • AP65mm

  • AP30mm

  • Spalls

  • Agricultural Lime

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